You're getting married.... WHAT?!?! SO AMAZING! This is literally going to be the best, most magical, craziest, hectic, wonderful, emotional, amaze-balls day of your life!! When you hire me, you pretty much hire a best friend that will walk this wedding planning journey with you. Someone who will help you, love you, support you, cry over the perfect dress with you, celebrate with you, text you ridiculous memes to make you laugh and dance her face off with you all night long. I don't just care about showing up, snapping pictures and bouncing out. I care about doing everything within my power to make your wedding and this entire experience the very best that it can possibly be for you. During your first dance you can catch me in the corner tearing up because I am so completely overwhelmed with joy for you.  I am not just your wedding photographer, I am your partner, your friend, your confidant, your support, your biggest fan. I'll be cheering you on from the day you book me throughout your entire lives together. Your love is WORTH the investment, trust me. Message me and lets chat!

All couples & weddings are so beautifully unique and amazing!!!! Because of that, there is no one- size fits all for everyone. Thats why I create custom packages for every single couple that inquires about booking for their wedding day with me!!! I freaking love all of the amazing people I get to work with and I want to work with you! So please, fill out my contact form with the basic information about what you are wanting in a wedding photographer, and lets make some freaking photo magic!!



custom packages for all weddings

And of courseeee...
I'll travel anywhereeee!!!

bucket list destinations

So, you're getting married somewhere really amazing? Then we need to talk! The travel bug has bit me hard and I have globe trotting on my mind pretty much 24/7. Why is this good news for you? Well, let me tell you! Here is how it works, you are getting married somewhere really cool, I love going to really cool places. So I think we can help each other out. There are a few select places that are high on my bucket list, so if you are getting married one of these places I am offering a KILLER deal for wedding photography, or really any kind of photography in those places. Whats the deal you ask? Good question! Normally for traveling photography I charge the standard collection rate (aka, your wedding package or session package) PLUS an additional travel fee of $2,500 for non-USA locations and $800 for continental USA locations outside of Las Vegas, NV to cover travel expenses for myself and my second shooter. BUT if where you need me to travel happens to be one of the locations listed below, I will give you a 60% discount on whatever photography package you choose! SIXTY PERCENT OFF! Basically that means you will be saving big bucks (for weddings thats a savings of $1,380-$2,100 depending on the package)! So check out the list below and see if your location is there!


Hvar, Croatia
Crete, Greece
Placencia, Belize
Zambia, Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
Tanzania, Africa
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
The Emerald Isle, Ireland
inque Tierre. Italy
Swiss Alps, Switzerland
New Zealand
Fjords of Norway
bora bora
amalfi coast
lyon, France

United states

Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Coastal maine
Glacier National Park, Montana
Big Sur, California
Key West, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Manhattan, New york
charleston, South Carolina
aspen, colorado
Boston, Massachusetts
Savannah, Georgia
hawaiian islands
peurto rico